Customer Support


Customer Support

DATACOM quality provides very good protection to the investment made on any infrastructure by the virtue of adequate and long-term warranties issued to the end-user through its dedicated partners in each market place. While DATACOM partners enjoy greater ease in installation due to the headroom available in component level performance, end-users enjoy greater protection and security due to the sustained system performance warranty for all 25 years.

DATACOM Warranty

DATACOM offers warranty for its products / components and the performance of the cabling connectivity systems as a whole, where the systems components used are entirely of DATACOM brand.

The warranties are categorized to component Warranty and Performance Warranty. While Component warranty guarantees the customer high quality of each DATACOM connectivity against any manufacturing defects, the Performance warranty guarantees the customer performance of the installed cabling system as per international standards applicable in the industry. However, it is limited to the applications designed and recognized by the industry bodies to run on the respective category of cabling system installed.

Component Warranty

All DATACOM products are manufactured to the highest quality standards and devoid of any manufacturing flaws. By default, all DATACOM connectivity products carry a 2-year warranty against any manufacturing defects. This warranty becomes void should the products be subjected to mishandling, unprofessional installation, damage due to accidents, fire, floods, and any other force majeure.

Performance Warranty

Under Performance Warranty, DATACOM offers the customer / infrastructure owner an extended component warranty of 25 years and also offers a 25-year warranty for the System’s Performance for a professionally installed Cabling connectivity system from the date of commissioning of the system.

In order to be eligible for the Performance Warranty, the cabling system needs to be deployed by a certified DATACOM installer/integrator and each network link needs to be test certified using an industry approved analyzer in accordance to the prevailing international standards and procedures.

DATACOM recommends the use of field testers from manufacturers such as Fluke, or equivalent analyzers who confirm to Level III accuracy of specifications as defined by EIA/ISO standards.